Facts about nutrition

Food is an important element of well-being and a true pleasure when prepared well. A diet that promotes well-being has a good balance of the major nutrients, such as carbohydrates, good fats, and proteins, to meet our needs. Our healthy meal options help improve our customers’ health and well-being. An additional aim is to affect the eating habits of our customers by giving preference to healthy and ‘light’ ingredients and by introducing new vegetables and grain products to them.

Good eating patterns are important

Nutritious meals eaten in a steady rhythm keep your blood sugar levels even and give your body the fuel it needs to remain energetic and to maintain a good mood from morning till night. A healthy, varied diet and small daily choices can prevent cardiovascular disease and promote mental and physical well-being. No single ingredient makes a diet ‘good’ or ‘bad’, so it pays off to focus on making the meals varied. It takes professional expertise to plan and produce balanced meals that support your well-being day in and day out.

Eat well and feel good

You start with breakfast, and it provides energy long into the day. An appropriate lunch ensures good energy levels, and a snack before dinner keeps hunger at bay. With dinner comes energy for the evening’s activities. Finally, a snack before bedtime guarantees a good night’s sleep. Variety and nutrition that matches your energy-consumption needs keep the mind active and support ‘the whole you’, for balance and holistic attention to well-being.

Food at hospitals and care homes

Nutrition is an important component of the care at hospitals and care homes. Tampereen Voimia takes care of the daily catering services for patients at the Rauhaniemi and Hatanpää hospitals, Pispa housing services, and the Koukkuniemi care home. We deliver breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner, and an evening snack every day of the week