Tampereen Voimia työpaikkana

Tampereen Voimia as an employer

Tampereen Voimia is an enterprise owned by the City of Tampere and bears responsibility for organising the catering and sanitation services for the city and its services. We take care of our customers’ well-being by serving balanced meals and offering expert solutions that support the operations of clients, with the aid of our partners. We serve 10 million meals every year, and our 650 professionals provide sanitation services for more than 400 facilities. Our turnover is in excess of 50 million euros per year.

Care professionals

The members of our organisation share a strong will to provide outstanding customer service and a desire to improve our professional competence constantly. Our continuously developing and growing team of professionals handles marketing, sales, customer service, catering and sanitation tasks. These skilled personnel are our greatest resource. We strive to improve our performance through training and promote well-being at work by improving the work conditions and promoting smooth co-operation.

If customer service is close to your heart and you are willing to grow into a professional in this field, contact us and we’ll discuss the opportunities that Tampereen Voimia can offer you.